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Road Bridges
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Road Tunnels
Agricultural Overpasses
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Road Infrastructures
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List of Clients in Israel

The National Company of Roads In Israel – Maatz

Netivei Ayalon inc

Moryah – Company of development of Jerusalem inc

The Office of housing and construction

Israeli Railways

Cross Israel company

Yefe Nof inc – Company to development of Haifa

The ministry of security

The ministry of tourism

Construction companies:


Shafir civil and marine engineering

Danya Cebus inc

A.      Arnson inc

Solel Bone inc

Ashtrom group

El Trans engineer infrastructure work and development inc

Malibu Israel inc

Minrav group

And more

List of clients abroad:

Moscow government

Federal Road Service of Russia

The world bank of development

Mosautodor – road development company, Moscow county

Federal directory of “North-West” road (Russia)

“Soyzdorproyect” company – head designer of designing bridges in the ring around Moscow

“Mosaingeproyect”  company – head designer of the inner ring road of Moscow


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